Greater Glens Falls
Bible Baptist Church
"The church that dares
                             to be different" 
   Welcome      About Our Ministies
The Greater Glens Falls Bible Baptist Church building was converted from a three-bay automotive garage in 1970. The present building houses all the ministries of the Church: 
Sunday School for all ages.
Children's Churches for all ages.
Patch-the-Pirate Program.
Christian School, K-12.
Bookstore with multiple choices of study materials.
Ladies' and Men's Fellowship activities (including activities with other churches).
Bibles for Russia International Outreach Ministry.
Strength for Living Counseling and Discipleship Program.
Bible Institute and Bible College Program (1, 2, 3, and 4 year studies).
International Christian School Competition through the "School of Tomorrow."
Summer Camp Programs with Organized Youth Camps.
Family Night Fellowship Programs to encourage personal development.
Pastor's Spectacular: an adult night with special activities and a youth night.
"The Old Country Store," where money earned from faithful attendance can be used to purchase items donated by our members.

Hundreds of people have trusted Christ through this ministry and have been baptized in the baptistry in  the auditorium (which seats about 200 people).

 Bible  Baptist Church has been called "The Independent Fundamental Baptist Voice of the Greater Glens Falls area" by those who know our ministry.

Church Logo


The logo for our church was developed by Pastor Goodell to reflect the need for God's Word to be at the center of government life, just as our founding fathers indicated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. 

The open Bible establishes our belief in the absolute authority of God; the descending eagle reveals the fighting spirit of those who love liberty; and the crest of the flag reminds us of those who fought and died for our freedom.



Bibles for Russia

    The Bible Baptist Church has taken in millions of Bibles to former Soviet countries. Our logo (developed by Evangelist Don Williams) represents the Bibles for Russia ministry and the part played by God's Word in setting the people free from Socialistic oppression.
     Contributions can be designated for Bibles or for care and provision for pastoral families we are supporting. Bibles for Russia was founded by the late Dr. Bob Billings, who worked in the Federal Department of Education under former President Ronald Reagan. 
    When Dr. Billings was diagnosed with leukemia, he appointed Dr. Guy Goodell to continue the work. Under Guy's leadership, the one millioneth Bible was delivered, two Bible Schools were established, and one seminary was set up in Katherineburg. 
    Though a separate organization, Bibles for Russia has been the mission's arm of Greater Glens Falls Bible Baptist Church for the last twenty years.


    Presently, "Bibles for Russia" supports pastors, students, Bible Schools, and summer camp programs for Russian youth who need to hear the Gospel, get saved, and enter the LORD's work.




Music Program

    Miriam Goodell Enman is our Music Director at BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH. Miriam was trained at Bob Jones University, Adirondack Community College, Empire State College, and The College of St. Joseph in Rutland, Vermont.

    She has more than thirty years of experience as college choral director and choir director in our church, as well as overseeing the music program in The Baptist Academy. 

Miriam is also a much sought-after accompanist by organizations in our community. 

    Our church music program is traditional, and we secure our musical resources from Sacred Music Services, Majesty Music, and Bob Jones University. Miriam uses solos, duets, trios, quartets, and choir specials to support the preaching ministry of the pastor. 

    In addition, Miriam is a much-sought-after piano/voice teacher in the community, and she recently joined with Jonathan Newell in initiating the "Hudson River Music Hall," a local center for the arts and for performance of concerts in Hudson Falls, New York. 

    For the last several years (2010-2018), Miriam has coordinated (in conjunction with Mr. Newell) several major concerts and individual performances at the Music Hall. Our congregation is grateful for the high level of God-honoring music in our church.

Christian School
                                    THE GREATER GLENS FALLS
                                           BAPTIST ACADEMY


    The Greater Glens Falls Baptist Academy is the second oldest Accelerated  Christian Education School in New York. Opening in the 1971-72 academic year, it offered grades K-12 with a Bible Institute included, providing for a one year certificate for graduates.    

    Our teachers are B.A., M.A., or PhD level trained (with learning center support from volunteer mothers/fathers). 

    The Bible Baptist Church is also an extension training center working with colleges and universities to train local students so they can transfer to other colleges and universities. Dr. Goodell oversees the program, conducting classes throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

    Over two hundred young people have come through the Baptist Academy, and our graduates hold many prestigious positions: pastors, business executives, paramedics, public school teachers, military personnel, computer specialists, university teachers, founders of their own businesses, pilots, law enforcement specialists, aids to United States congressmen, missionaries, Christian school teachers, registered nurses, and many more. 

    Being a member of The Greater Glens Falls Bible Baptist Church enables one to apply for admission of his children to The Baptist Academy. Over the years, the students in our Academy have participated in basketball, soccer, and volleyball competition with other Christian Schools in New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Many students have competed in ACE Regional Competition, with first, second, and third place winners going on to the international competition. 

The Baptist Academy promotes academic excellence and spiritual development in its programs.

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