Greater Glens Falls
Bible Baptist Church
"The church that dares
                             to be different" 
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    Guy was born June 19, 1941, in Jacksonville, Florida. He was born again January 15, 1955. He was led to Christ by Pastor W. Bryant Hodges at The Liberty Street Baptist Church.
    Within the first year he answered God's call to him to preach. In January of 2019, Guy celebrated SIXTY-FOUR YEARS of preaching. Guy apprenticed himself to Pastor Hodges and worked with him to learn about pastoral ministry. They studied God's Word together, went soulwinning together, and prayed together.

    Guy considers that experience to be a vital part of his early training as a new convert and as a new preacher. Pastor Hodges took Guy out on street evangelism where he preached and handed out tracts. Each Saturday, time was spent preaching in jails and at prison farms outside of Jacksonville, Florida. On Monday nights, the two went to local nursing homes and hospitals, conducted worship services, and visited those who could not attend the services.
 EDUCATION: Diploma, Andrew Jackson Senior High School, Jacksonville, Florida; Certificate (level of A.A. degree), Lowery Technical Institute, United States Air Force, Denver, Colorado; B.A. Degree, Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, Tennessee. M.A., The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee. Ph.D., Landmark Baptist College, Haines City, Florida.

    Additional studies: Source of Light Institute (Bible), Dallas Theological Seminary (theology and Biblical languages), Carson-Newman University (German Language), North Texas State University (Italian Literature), Kentucky State University (Real Estate Law), The University of Kentucky at Lexington (English grammar and Seventeenth Century literature), The University of New York (Russian Language), DeVry Technical Institute (electronics), The Accelerated Christian Education Training Center in Texas, and many seminars and workshops in many subjects.

    Guy also studied under the auspices of the New York State Department of Health, earning EMS Critical Care status after two years of training. He has worked with thirteen rescue squads over the twenty-eight years as A Critical Care Technician. In addition, he participated in the yearly recurrent training required to retain "on-line solo status."
     Guy also has maintained a thirty-hour per week study and prayer program for sermon preparation. He began this disciline in 1964 and hs continued it to the present.
EXPERIENCE: Saved at age 13, Guy began giving his testimony in jails, prisons, juvenile detention homes, and on street corners. Men and women trusted Christ, and Guy believed God had called him to preach. He began studying with Pastor Bryant Hodges, became a Junior Sunday School Teacher, learned to lead singing, and sang in the church choir.

     Upon graduating from High School, Guy joined the United States Air Force and helped the Chaplain by teaching Bible classes in the barracks after an eight-hour day on the flight line. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force, he attended Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he worked bus routes, preached in nursing homes and hospitals, and was a chapel pastor for three and one-half years.

      After graduating from Temple, Guy went on to further studies and participated in soul winning and city mission work. He spent about thirty years planting churches, reclaiming churches, and assisting other pastors in their ministries. In over 65 years, Guy has preached over 61,000 times in many states and foreign countries.

     Guy has also taught at Tabernacle Christian Schools (K-12), Frankfort, Kentucky; Beth Haven Baptist College in Louisville, Kentucky; Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee; Landmark Baptist College in Haines City, Florida; Greater Glens Falls Baptist Academy (K-12) and Baptist Bible Institute and College in Hudson Falls, New York; The University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky; Kentucky State University in Frankfort, Kentucky; and the Seminary of the Yurals in Katherineburg, Russia. He also taught five years in the field of English at The College of St. Joseph in Rutland, Vermont.

           Presently, Guy is available to tutor college level students in English grammar, writing, and speech.
 MISSIONS: Guy has traveled to many foreign countries. He joined with Dr. Bob Billings to smuggle Bibles into the Soviet Union during the administration of President Ronald Reagan. Guy later took over "Bibles for Russia" and helped to start Bible Colleges and Seminaries in order to train "nationals" to carry out the "Great Commission." He also helped establish youth camps for Russian young people.

     He also traveled to Romania and gathered information for expanding missions outreach in that country. Traveling to Haiti with Evangelist Harold Boyd, Guy conducted city-wide meetings (preaching to over 50,000 per night) and helped advance church building in Haiti (Over fifty churches were planted).

  The Bible Baptist Church where Guy is pastor has a very broad missions program, supporting over twenty-five missionaries and projects. Guy has also traveled to several mission fields in order to encourage missionaries in their work.

WRITING: In addition, Guy also writes a bi-monthly "Missions' Letter" which goes out to hundreds of missionaries, pastors, and Christian workers in order to encourage them in the work. 

  Guy also writes for "The Baptist Bread," an Independent Baptist Devotional edited by Evangelist Tim Green.

   Guy is the author of ten books and many pamphlets, some of which can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel, as well a Christian Book Distributors.